Cunningham & Fitzhugh ~ Medical Internship in Jamaica

Gaines-Jones Scholars Chelsea Fitzhugh ’12,  (left) and Dervin Cunningham ’10 (right) spent several weeks participating in a medical internship—with emphasis on Psychology—at Ferdies House, a mental illness and drug rehabilitation facility in Kingston, Jamaica. GJEF helped fund this opportunity through Jamaica Volunteer Programs (JVP). Sitting in the middle: Marlon. He is the son of the CEO of JVP, Ms. Maureen Evans and also the driver and tour guide for the program.

We congratulate Dervin on starting Yale Medical School this fall.

 Watch Dervin’s Interview:


This is at Ferdies House. Chelsea Fitzhugh is working with a cerebral palsy patient on color and shape recognition.  She was given the goal of helping her improve these skills over the course of the internship.





Dervin leads Morning Session at Ferdies House.
This involves greeting all of the patients, getting everyone together to start of the day of activities and setting a positive exciting mood for the day.









At Ferdies House Chelsea teaches a group session about the benefits of journaling.
Patients voluntarily come to group sessions throughout the day. Sessions are usually on topics related to self-improvement, mental health and educational topics.






This is a field trip to Devons House, a prominent historical site in Kingston, to allow the patients to have ice cream and experience normal socialization.









L-R: Dervin, Ms. Maureen Wright-Evans, the CEO of Jamaica Volunteer Programs and Chelsea.