Team Camron Has a New Ally

Since November 2017, Anita Jones Roehrick, GJEF’s Executive Director, has been mentoring Camron McDonald, the 8th grade poet in northern California and he continues to nurture his devotion to poetry. He says his poems are love letters to his friends who are hurting. The poems say: “I’m listening. You are not alone.”

Camron says, “My school is based on popularity. If the popular kids decide they don’t like you, then you become known as the person not to like.” Through his writing, Camron broke through this barrier with some of his schoolmates—his poems demanded respect. “Once they read the poems I put on Snap Chat, they changed their minds about me.”

And now Team Camron has a new ally: Poet and Children’s Librarian, Margaret Stawowy. She works at the main branch of the library in San Rafael, California. Margaret will be reading from her work next month at Rebound Books in San Rafael and invited Camron to debut his poems. When  asked how he felt about that he said, “I’m excited. And nervous.”


1.18.17 Camron and Margaret at San Rafael Library.



Anita and Camron end the day’s revising session with a smile.